Coach Rangers 8 FC Hulland 2

Thursday 24th June 2010
Coach Rangers 8 FC Hulland 2
Summer League
At: Ashbourne Recreation Ground, bottom field
Kick-off: 7-30 pm
Admission: none; Programme: none
Attendance: 45 (headcount)
Weather: sunny
Duration (40): first-half: 40:10; second-half: 40:07

FC Hulland made Coach Rangers work hard during the first half which ended with Coach leading 3-2. It was a different story in the second half as Coach showed why they are chasing for the title but hitting five goals without reply. Again, it was a pleasure to watch action in this superb league on a warm and sunny evening.

Coach Rangers (yellow/black/black): 13. Sean Jones, 4. Martyn Taylor, 17. Dave Shipley, 3. Ryan Robinson, 8. Simon Wint, 9. Sam Howard, 12. James Carter (capt), 16. Darren Handley, 7. Kevin Millward, 14. Callum Woolley, 15. Wayne Taylor. Subs: 10. Wayne Travers (for Woolley, 58).

FC Hulland (sky blue with black sleeves / black / black): 1. Connor Hodgkinson, 5. Josh Sears, 12. Jimmy Crossland, 19. Mark Burford, 8. Mark Brownley, 16. Matt Allcock, 4. Carl Moss, 18. Andrew Hollick, 6. Ash Hall, 11. Ash Wildsmith, 10. Paul McGowan. Subs: 7. John xxx (for Moss, 58), 15. Blake Davies (for McGowan, 71), 9. Dan Greatorex (not used).

Referee: Will Maskery.

0-1 Andrew Hollick (17)
1-1 Callum Woolley (18)
2-1 Sam Howard (28)
3-1 Kevin Millward (29)
3-2 Paul McGowan (36)
4-2 James Carter (45 pen)
5-2 James Carter (60)
6-2 Wayne Travers (71)
7-2 Wayne Taylor (74)
8-2 Connor Hodgkinson (76 og)

Cards: none

Coach Rangers 3 Holly Bush United 3

Saturday 19th June 2010
Coach Rangers 3 Holly Bush United 3

(after extra time, Holly Bush won 4-2 on penalties)
Bill Redfern Memorial Cup Final
At: Osmaston Polo Ground
Kick-off: 7-00 pm
Admission: none; Programme: free (8 pages)
Attendance: 85 (headcount)
Weather: sunny
Duration (45): first-half: 45:39; second-half: 48:13
Extra time (10): first-half: 11:19; second-half: 10.00

Summer League's 2010 Bill Redfern Memorial Cup Final was a thrilling encounter between two sides who really wanted to win. Holly Bush took command with two early goals both netted by Brent Freeman in the 11th and 12th minutes. Richard Smith pulled a goal back in the 28th minute and a spectacular own goal from Simon Thorniwell got Coach back on level terms. Neither side could find a winner in the remaining hour so the Final went to extra time. Neil Bennett converted a 94th minute penalty to put Holly Bush back in front but Coach showed great spirit to equalise again through Jimmy Carter. Still level at full time, the game was decided by penalties and Holly Bush won the shoot-out 4-2.

Coach Rangers (yellow/black/black): 1. Simon Hellaby, 2. Adrian Roberts, 4. Martyn Taylor, 12. Dave Shipley, 3. Paul Godfrey, 9. Sam Howard, 11. Ross Armstrong, 5. Richard Smith, 8. Simon Wint, 14. James Carter (capt), 7. Kevin Millward. Subs: 10. Dec Bacon (for Armstrong, ht), 15. Craig Frith (for Roberts, ht), 17. Wayne Taylor (for Frith, 88), Ryan Robinson (not used), GK. Sean Jones (not used).

Holly Bush United (white/black/black): 7gk. Paul Thomas, 4. Scott Wightman, 7. Ben Rushby, 5.Neil Bennett, 8. Simon Thorniwell, 15. Philip Sessions, 11. Ben Adcock, 12. Chris Smith, 3. James Beech, 10. James Rushby (capt), 1. Brent Freeman. Subs: 2. James Crawford (for James Rushby, 72), 14. Rob Prince (not used), 6. John Gadsby (not used), GK. Piers Beeston (not used).

Referee: Roland Smith.
Assistants: Chris Cope and Jim Conway.

0-1 Brent Freeman (11)
0-2 Brent Freeman (12)
1-2 Richard Smith (28)
2-2 Simon Thorniwell (32 og)
2-3 Neil Bennett (94 pen)
3-3 James Carter (100+1)

0-0 HB Neil Bennett missed
1-0 CR Simon Wint scored
1-1 HB Chris Smith scored
1-1 CR Richard Smith saved
1-2 HB Ben Rushby scored
2-2 CR James Carter scored
2-3 HB Brent Freeman scored
2-3 CR Dave Shipley saved
2-4 HB Ben Adcock scored

Coach: none.
Holly Bush: none.

Coach Rangers 5 Kirk Langley 0

Thursday 17th June 2010
Coach Rangers 5 Kirk Langley 0
Summer League
At: Ashbourne Recreation Ground, bottom field
Kick-off: 7-30 pm
Admission: none; Programme: none
Attendance: 25 (headcount)
Weather: sunny
Duration (40): first-half: 40:00; second-half: 40:00

Second-placed Coach Rangers eased to a comfortable victory against lowly Kirk Langley, who played most of the second half with ten men after losing a player through injury.

On a warm and sunny evening, Coach scored twice during the first half and wrapped up the win with three more after the interval.

All in all, a really enjoyable evening and, for the first time, an Ashbourne Summer League 'champagne job'!

Coach Rangers (yellow/black/black): 1. Simon Hellaby, 4. Martyn Taylor, 12. Ryan Robinson, 14. Dave Shipley, 3. Paul Godfrey, 11. Sam Howard, 10. Richard Smith, 15. Darren Handley, 8. Simon Wint, 7. Kevin Millward, 17. James Carter (capt). Subs: 9. Dec Bacon (for Carter, 55), 6. Craig Frith (for Howard, 55), 16. Wayne Taylor (for Millward, 64), Adrian Roberts (not used), GK. Sean Jones (not used).

Kirk Langley (red with black sleeves / black / black): 1. Kevin Rowland, 2. Craig Ashton, 5. Pete Ascott, 7. James Marriott (capt), 16. Tom Major, 8. Matt Rafferty, 11. Paul Derwas, 4. Rob Rooney, 10. Liam Smith, 12. Dan Sharpe, 9. James Stewart.

Referee: Mark Maskery.

1-0 Sam Howard (11)
2-0 Richard Smith (32)
3-0 James Carter (41)
4-0 Paul Godfrey (53 pen)
5-0 Richard Smith (71)

Coach: none.
Kirk Langley: none.

Bradley 11 Wheel Inn 0

Monday 14th June 2010
Bradley 11 Wheel Inn 0
Summer League
At: Mappleton Playing Field
Kick-off: 7-30 pm
Admission: none; Programme: none
Attendance: 25 (headcount)
Weather: sunny became cloudy
Duration (40): first-half: 40:02; second-half: 40:08

Originally I was heading for Coach Rangers until a text message persuaded me to re-route to Mappleton Playing Field instead. Wheel Inn began this Summer League game with ten men and conceded the opening goal after just 27 seconds. Their eleventh man soon took the field but Bradley were 7-0 up by the 22nd minute. The reigning champions looked set for a substanial victory until outfield player Jack Murphy took over in goal and he produced a series of fine saves, including one from the penalty spot.

Bradley (grey / black / black and white hoops): 1. Lee Jones, 7. Ewan Ritchie, 2. Ed Walls, 9. Mark Sellers, 6. Chris Rowe, 3/10. Sam Waring, 4. Scott Smith, 14. George Monroe, 11. Ross Hunter, 16. Charles Mann (capt), 8. Jez Oborn. Subs: 2. Richard Coates (for Walls, 19), 12. Richard Gage (for Smith, ht), 4. Karl Grocott (for Oborn, 47), Mike Twenlow (not used), Simon Oborn (not used).

Wheel Inn (green/green/green): 1. Carl Cheshire, 6. Jamie Yates, 14. Robert Gibson, 8. Steve Millward, 12. Martin Shepherd, 5. Liam Jackson, 15. Lee Jeffery, 16. Wayne Sowter, 4. Matt Hoare, 3. Jack Murphy, 11. Liam Gibson.

Referee: Will Maskery.

1-0 Jez Oborn (1)
2-0 Scott Smith (4)
3-0 Charles Mann (8)
4-0 Charles Mann (14)
5-0 Jez Oborn (16)
6-0 Sam Waring (18)
7-0 Jez Oborn (22)
8-0 George Monroe (29)
9-0 Charles Mann (42)
10-0 Jez Oborn (45)
11-0 Karl Grocott (66)

Bradley: none.
Wheel: none.

Holly Bush United 3 Rose and Crown 0

Saturday 5th June 2010
Holly Bush United 3 Rose and Crown 0
Peter Young Memorial Cup Final
At: G. B. Barrington Playing Field, Kirk Langley
Kick-off: 7-30 pm
Admission: none; Programme: free (4 pages)
Weather: sunny spells
Attendance: 108 (headcount)
Duration (40): first-half: 45:22; second-half: 45:20

Holly Bush United became the new holders of the Summer League’s Peter Young Memorial Trophy following a 3-0 victory over Rose & Crown at Kirk Langley FC’s G. B. Barrington Playing Field. Two goals in six minutes midway through the first half from James Beech and James Rushby put Holly Bush in command. Brent Freeman added a third goal in the 51st minute.