Stone Dominoes 2 Bacup Borough 3

Wednesday 1st May 2013
I didn’t know that Stone Dominoes were playing their final game of the season tonight until Facebook friend Paul Proctor asked some for some advice. He and Callum travelled up from Hampshire so it was rude not for me to join them. Rooted to the bottom of the table and probably quitting Saturday football altogether, goals from Dwayne Spence and Derrick Agbor gave Stone two-goal lead during the first half and Jake Ratcliffe saved a penalty as well. It all went wrong, however, after the break after defender Alex Hutchinson received a straight red. Bacup scored twice in a minute to level things before Adrian Bellamy scored their late winner. Spare a thought for both clubs… the sad plight of the Doms, who finish the season with 13 points from 42 games, goal difference –135, and Bacup, required to play seven games in ten days to complete their fixtures.

Stone Dominoes 2 Bacup Borough 3
North-West Counties League Premier Division
At: Wellbeing Park Stadium, Yarnfield
Kick-off: 8-00 pm
Admission: £5; Programme: £1 (20 pages)
Weather: mild and dry, chillier during second half (same as last night)

Stone Dominoes (red/black/black): 1. Jake Ratcliffe, 2. Adam Edwards (capt), 3. Thomas Larosu, 4. Jack Beech, 5. Alex Hutchinson, 6. Josh Nugent, 7. Daniel King, 8. Daniel Counter, 9. Dwayne Spence, 10. Derrick Agbor, 11. Aaron Johns. Subs: 12. Luke Robinson (not used), 14. Angelo Enricco (for Johns, 24), 15. Kevin Davies (for King, 76). Manager: Dave Dale.

Bacup Borough (blue/blue/blue): 1. Paul Horridge, 2. Gareth Wager, 3. Shane Birtles, 4. Adam Turner, 5. Adrian Bellamy, 6. Danny Coleman, 7. Lee Oldham, 8. Matthew Hampson, 9. Ben Shedwick, 10. Boic Nhlizyo, 11. Daniel Cocks (capt). Subs: 12. Artjons Buturins (for Shedwick, ht), 14. John Stephenson (for Coleman, ht), 15. Paul Arrowsmith (not used), 17. Paul Soccha (for Oldham, 39).

Referee: M. Stewart.
Assistants: A. Hall and G. Clinton.

Attendance: 20

Duration: first-half: 46:28; second-half: 49:44

1-0 Dwayne Spence (29)
2-0 Derrick Agbor (41)
2-1 John Stephenson (73)
2-2 Artjons Buturins (74)
2-3 Adrian Bellamy (86)

Stone: Alex Hutchinson (RC, 61)
Bacup: Gareth Wager (YC, 61), Daniel Cocks (YC, 61), Boic Nhlizyo (YC, 84), Artjons Buturins (YC, 89)