1FC Köln U21 1 Fortuna Düsseldorf U23 4

Friday 9th August 2013
Back in Cologne for the first time since 2011 and, after finally conquering my nemesis the Cologne Dom tower, tonight my shortlist of games consisted of either Fortuna Düsseldorf v TSV 1860 München in 2. Bundesliga or this game just seven stops from my hotel on line 18. Choosing the easy option, the Franz Kremer Stadion is located in the middle of a large wood and includes a stand down one touchline and open terracing around the other three sides. Early table toppers Köln went into this game with a 100% record of two wins but proved no match for a skilful and hungry Düsseldorf side who put the outcome beyond doubt with four unanswered first-half goals. Tuğrul Erat and Tom Golley both scored twice with Köln’s second-half consolation coming from Jannis Nikolaou.

1FC Köln U21 1 Fortuna Düsseldorf U23 4
Regionalliga West
At: Franz Kremer Stadion
Kick-off: 7-30 pm
Admission: 10 euro (seat) or 5 euro (standing); Programme: free (4 pages)
Weather: sunny spells and showers

1FC Köln U21 (white/white/white): 1. Marcel Schuhen, 2. Koray Kacinoglu, 4. Jannik Müller, 5. Stefan Schwellenbach (capt), 6. Danilo Wiebe, 8. Mario Engles, 9. Marco Ban, 11. Marius Laux, 18. Vojno Jesic, 21. Fabian Schnellhardt, 23. Jannis Nikolaou. Subs: 20gk. Sven Bacher (not used), 7. Fabio La Monica (for Jesic, 80), 10. Robin Hömig (not used), 15. Sven Engelke (for Müller, ht), 16. Lukas Scepanik (not used), 17. Fabian Poß (not used), 19. Steffen Schäfer (for Schwellenbach, 42). Coach: Stephan Engels.

Fortuna Düsseldorf U23 (red/red/red): 22. Robin Heller, 6. Jens Langeneke, 7. Tuğrul Erat, 8. Christian Weber (capt), 17. Eren Taskin, 18. Marcel Hofrath, 19. Tim Golley, 26. Muhammet Karpuz, 28. Christian Gartner, 29. Ben Halloran, 30. Juanan. Subs: 1gk. Tim Boss (not used), 5. Robin Urban (not used), 13. Samuel Piette, (for Weber, 66) 14. Kaan Akca (for Golley, 80), 16. Aliosman Aydin (not used), 20. Megim Fejzullahu (for Taskin, 63), 23. Bastian Müller (not used). Coach: Taskin Aksoy.

Referee: Dominik Jolk
Assistants: Benjamin Bläser and Waldemar Ebel

Attendance: 750
Duration: first-half: 45:02; second-half: 45:07

0-1 Tuğrul Erat (18)
0-2 Tim Golley (24)
0-3 Tuğrul Erat (34)
0-4 Tim Golley (38)
1-4 Jannis Nikolaou (85)

Köln: none
Düsseldorf: Eren Taskin (YC, 35)