Ratinger Spvg Germania 3 VfL Rhede 0

Sunday 11th August 2013
The delightful town of Ratingen, a few miles north-east of Düsseldorf, provided the setting for the third and final football leg of my German break. ‘Delightful’ because of the pleasant Marktplatz area I spent time in before heading back to Cologne and ‘delightful’ because of a warm friendly club who ticked all the boxes [apart from one]. Oberliga Niederrhein sits at the fifth tier of German football and today a hat-trick from summer signing Chamdin Said gave homesters (also known as Ratingen 04/19) a comfortable 3-0 victory over struggling VfL Rhede. At half-time, the tea bar provided a real treat of mandarin gateaux complete with cake fork and the only box not ticked during the whole day was most of the ground out of bounds to spectators apart from the large main stand.

Ratinger Spvg Germania 3 VfL Rhede 0
Oberliga Niederrhein
At: Stadion Ratingen, Am Stadion, Ratingen
Kick-off: 3-00 pm
Admission: 8 euro; Programme: free (4 pages)
Weather: sunny spells

Ratinger Spvg Germania (yellow/yellow/yellow): 1. Marcel Grote, 6. Patrick Fiedorra (capt), 7. Sascha Meier, 8. Yannic Melis, 9. Pier Schulz, 10. Daniel Rehag, 11. Chamdin Said, 12. Stefan Prengel, 13. Dennis Ter Haar, 14. Lukas Fedler, 17, Ali Can Ilbay. Subs: 25gk Alexander Pleß (not used), 2. Christoph Hub (not used), 3. Stefan Rott (for Ilbay, 78), 4. Björn Rohpeter (for Fiedorra, 82) 15. José Cervino Panero (not used), 20. Yusuf Keser (for Meier 78), 21. Kris Leipzig (not used). Coach: Alfonso del Cueto.

VfL Rhede (black/black/black): 23. Marc Tebroke, 3. Benedikt Spieker (capt), 6. Christopher Wilting, 8. Bodo Seeger, 10. Martin Schüring, 11. Simon Lechtenberg, 15. Raphael Bauer, 18. Frederik Arnold-Hallbauer, 20. Christopher Refke, 24. Florian Girnth. Subs: 1gk. Marvin Radüchel (not used), 2. Tobias Keil (not used), 13. Nico Frömmgen (for Refke, 61), 17. Felix Amler (for Girnth, 81), 19. Florian Hahm (for Schüring, ht). Coach: Javier Garcia Dinis.

Referee: Alexander Schuh.
Assistants: René Donné and Axel Böhme.

Attendance: 300
Duration: first-half: 45:06; second-half: 45:00

1-0 Chamdin Said (23)
2-0 Chamdin Said (57)
3-0 Chamdin Said (68)

Ratinger Spvg Germania: none
VfL Rhede: Simon Lechtenberg (YC, 66)